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Hi, and thank you for visiting my website!
I have been a Floridian since 2006, serving all of Florida remotely from my home in Vero Beach.  My 30-year career in insurance was a great example of how an unexpected opportunity can sometimes lead to a life-long calling.
I began my professional life as a dietician in the schools and hospitals of my native Rhode Island.  I soon found out that the hospital setting was not a good fit for me, and when I moved to Colorado in my late 20’s, a summer job with AAA making TripTiks for their members left me with the impression that I’d like to be a travel agent. When the summer ended, there were no openings in the travel department, and I was offered a job in the insurance department. 

The truth is, I found the prospect of working in the insurance field to be boring and distasteful.  The job offer was all the company had available, so I accepted, and thirty years later, I am still working in insurance.

Why? The answer is simple: I love working with my clients and helping them find the plans that fit their needs and budget.
I moved here to Florida 14 years ago to be near my elderly parents and now represent several major carriers as I work with clients all over the state.  


There is never any cost or obligation to you as I am paid by the insurance companies, and I am committed to helping you choose the right plan and be there for you should you have any questions or problems.  


Above all, I will always treat you the way I would want to be treated and advise you the same way I advise my family and friends.   
I look forward to meeting you!


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Health Insurance

Providing guidance when choosing additional coverage beyond original medicare​.

Health insurance for clients under the age of 65. Click Here to get a quote

Dental Insurance

Providing dental insurance plans for different budgets and coverage needs.



Make sure to get the help you need to make the right decision about your Medicare options, the first time.  You will be affected by these decisions for a very long time, so take advantage of Lynn's vast knowledge and experience. 


You can contact her by phone or email at your convenience, and if you would like to get a quote online, just click on the button below!

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Lynn Welch